I cleared a shelf for you

I cleared a shelf for you

To lay your belongings that no one else knew 

Your watch, your cigarettes, your worn-out shoes

Your Marseille soap and white shirt

Morphed into blue

I cleared a shelf for you 

The belief in beginning something new 

Naively attempting to abandon the past

Yet entrapped by entanglements that ever last 

I cleared a shelf for you

For your aftershave, toothbrush and shampoo

A space with a small mirror to look into

Too many objects balancing on an edge

Overflowed to reveal the untrue  

My shelf was cleared for you

As a heavy emptiness spilled into our new

And despite all that we had been through

I could never stop clearing spaces for you 

Left with feelings I thought I had outgrown

Shades of remorse far from being shown

With some episodes still to construe

The time has come to unscrew

The little white shelf I had cleared for you

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