Exist out of line

Creativity controls the world. It always has and it always will. Our entire human experience revolves around the blossoming and withering of creation; it binds humans together, separates others, uplifts some and distracts others. I would define creativity as the abstract embodiment of human life and purpose on this earth. For some, creation is a lifestyle or full-time job, for others it’s an anchor, a lifeboat, a survival method. For me, it is the only thing that remains alive when surrounded by lifelessness; it is the only constant in a world of unreliable things and people.

Picasso once said ‘If only we could pull our brains out and only use our eyes’.  He knew that our brains love to overcomplicate things. If you’re anything like me, then you tend to waste far too much time overthinking and oscillating between doubting your own abilities and fearing your own potential. There is never an in-between. Add all the above to constant comparison and overly harsh judgement and you’re faced with a recipe for disappointment drizzled in denial.

A professor of mine once told me that humans create art to fight life. I partly believe this to be true, but I think we also create art to uncover life as creativity is the only thing that allows us to unveil the truest version of the world we live in. So, let’s use this tool at our disposal without fear of judgment or belittlement. Let’s use creation to go beyond what we were given in the beginning, to travel beyond the tangible or concrete and to delve into the forbidden. We all have limits and boundaries, but it’s time to step out of line, to exist outside those boundaries.  

What used to feel like a stubborn glow, bottled up and strategically avoided now feels like raining glitter. What used to feel like a dysfunctional union of egos now feels as sweet as peach cobbler. What used to feel like the child I never cradled, the body I never cured, the mind I never listened to, the hostage I constantly diminished, now feels like a gradual acceptance of purpose.

We think creation is born from life, but I think it’s the opposite. Art forms inspire life. Once you realise this, nothing feels the same anymore. Museums become alters and art becomes therapy. Creativity becomes the only reason you are alive and the only reason you will survive.

What does it feel like to you?  

Image featured: ‘Exist Out of Line’, Oriana Burton, 2020

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